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Ooredoo Qatar’s Integration of AI in Operations through Use Cases

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In Short:

Ooredoo Qatar is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer experiences and network capabilities. They have implemented over 10 AI use cases, including optimizing network performance and reducing fault detection times by 30%. The company is focused on ethical and sustainable AI adoption to drive innovation and enhance connectivity. Ooredoo Qatar aims to offer personalized services, proactive issue resolution, innovative products, and data security to contribute to Qatar’s Vision 2030.

Ooredoo Qatar Integrates AI into Operations Through Use Case Implementations
Ooredoo Qatar has announced its strategic initiative to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in order to enhance customer experiences and drive transformation in the telecommunications sector. The company has successfully implemented over 10 AI use cases aimed at reshaping telecommunications services.

Enhancing Network Performance with AI

Ooredoo Qatar emphasizes that the implementation of AI applications is not just a technological advancement but also a means to empower customers, improve network capabilities, and stimulate innovation in products and services.

An example of AI integration can be seen in Ooredoo’s Service Operation Centre, where an AI solution has been deployed to enhance network performance. This solution focuses on identifying critical issues, detecting irregularities, connecting incidents with customer segments, conducting automated analysis, and facilitating advanced correlation between different abnormalities.

“Through the utilization of AI and machine learning, Ooredoo Qatar has revolutionized its fault detection and root cause analysis processes,” stated the Ooredoo. This approach has resulted in a 30 percent reduction in the Meantime to Resolve (MTTR), underscoring the transformative impact of these technologies.

Ethical and Sustainable AI Implementation

Ooredoo Qatar expressed, “AI is more than just a technological advancement for us; it is a catalyst driving us towards a future of limitless possibilities and unparalleled connectivity. As we harness AI to enhance customer experiences, foster innovation, and shape the digital landscape and society, we are steadfast in our commitment to the responsible, ethical, and sustainable use of these advancements.”

By providing personalized services tailored to individual needs, proactive issue resolution, innovative products and services, and a strong focus on data security and privacy, the company is actively contributing to the realization of Qatar’s Vision 2030, Ooredoo Qatar affirmed.

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