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MTS Russia’s Mobile Network Expands to Antarctica

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In Short:

Russian operator MTS has set up a telecommunications network at the Bellingshausen station in Antarctica, providing a 2G base station and an NB-IoT network for data transmission. This allows for improved communication among research and engineering teams on King George Island. MTS collaborated with the 69th Russian Antarctic Expedition and the AAII to ensure reliable connectivity in the harsh Antarctic conditions. The network deployment at Bellingshausen is part of MTS’s efforts to enhance scientific endeavors in Antarctica.

MTS Russia Deploys Mobile Network in Antarctica

Russian telecommunications operator MTS has successfully implemented its network infrastructure at the Bellingshausen Russian polar station on King George Island in Antarctica. The company installed a 2G base station for mobile communication and an NB-IoT network for efficient data transmission, providing research and engineering teams with vital connectivity, according to an official statement from MTS.

Network Deployment at Bellingshausen Station

MTS has become the first Russian operator to set up telecommunication equipment at the Bellingshausen Antarctic station. The deployment of a 2G base station using a satellite channel facilitates quick communication between station personnel during fieldwork and enables seamless data transmission from the research complex.

Enhanced Research Communication

Situated on King George Island in the Atlantic Ocean, the installation of the network at the Bellingshausen station is a collaborative effort involving MTS, the 69th Russian Antarctic Expedition, and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AAII). The technical solution was specifically designed and implemented to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Antarctica, as highlighted by MTS.

Reliable Connectivity in Antarctica

“Continuous meteorological and oceanographic observations and research take place at the station throughout the year, making mobile communication and the NB-IoT network essential for simplifying interactions during scientific and engineering surveys. Maintaining communication with colleagues and loved ones is crucial for the polar explorers stationed here. We also introduced the NB-IoT network,” stated MTS.

MTS also emphasized, “The communication provided by MTS enables the transfer of scientific data, affordable cellular communication, and sharing of valuable content with an interested audience. Many young scientists at the station are active bloggers who passionately share insights into the scientific accomplishments of Russian researchers in the coldest region on Earth.”

MTS Connectivity in Antarctica

Since 2020, MTS has been actively expanding its communication infrastructure in Antarctica, extending its network to five polar stations, including Bellingshausen, Novolazarevskaya, Mirny, Vostok, and Progress. The introduction of an NB-IoT network at Bellingshausen and Progress enhances the efficiency of data transmission from research equipment, further advancing scientific endeavors in the region.

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