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MTS Acquires SIM Cards With Domestic OS From NovaCard

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In Short:

Russian operator MTS is now buying SIM cards made by local producer NovaCard. These SIM cards use a local operating system called SIMART MI, which increases security against threats. MTS helped test this system, which supports authentication algorithms. The operating system is made in Russia and is registered in the national database. MTS and NovaCard’s collaboration has led to successful implementation of the SIM cards for subscribers.

MTS Buys SIM Cards With Homegrown OS From NovaCard
The Russian operator MTS has initiated the procurement of SIM cards produced by the local manufacturer NovaCard. These SIM cards are powered by the domestic SIMART MI operating system, which enhances protection against security threats, as announced by MTS recently.

Local Development and Testing

The operating system, in which MTS collaborated on testing, supports international and domestic subscriber authentication algorithms in mobile communication networks. NovaCard, the largest smart card manufacturer in Russia and the CIS, serves as the primary supplier of SIM cards for MTS, according to an official release cited by local media.

MTS highlighted that the SIMART MI operating system for SIM cards is a completely domestic development conducted within the country by local engineers. The operating system is registered in the unified register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.

Successful Implementation and Usage

“Utilizing a local OS in SIM cards marks a crucial step in substituting critical network components with domestic alternatives. Through collaboration with NovaCard, we actively participated in testing samples of SIM cards with the new software,” stated MTS.

“For the first time, NovaCard, with support and interest from MTS in such a product, developed an operating system for SIM cards. This led to the preparation and qualification of the electrical profile of the SIM cards for the country’s leading mobile operator. The cards underwent thorough evaluation by experts from both companies and are now successfully utilized by subscribers,” commented NovaCard.

Additionally, MTS and NovaCard are using their own domestic software for data preparation and key material generation for SIM cards.

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