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Maincubes opens new data center in Frankfurt, expanding their presence in the region.

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In Short:

Maincubes, a German colocation firm, has opened its second data center in Frankfurt, FRA02, after experiencing delays due to COVID-19. The facility offers 7.4 MW of IT capacity across 4,700 square meters and is powered by green electricity. The company aims for sustainability and high safety standards. Maincubes also announced plans for a new data center, FRA04, in Dietzenbach with 40 MW IT capacity scheduled to go live in 2027.

Maincubes Launches Second Data Center in Frankfurt
German colocation firm Maincubes has announced the launch of its second data center in Frankfurt. The foundation stone for the new FRA02 facility, located in Schwalbach near Frankfurt, was laid on June 30, 2022, although construction started a year ago, experiencing delays due to COVID-19.

Maincubes FRA02

During the foundation stone laying ceremony, Maincubes announced that a federal institution, the Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund), will be the main user of the building.

In a recent LinkedIn post, the company made this announcement, saying, “We’re excited to announce that our latest state-of-the-art colocation data center in Frankfurt, FRA02, is officially LIVE! This is a great success for Maincubes and marks a milestone in our journey to provide sustainable cutting-edge data center solutions in Europe, highlighting our expansion. We’re pleased to report a smooth handover to our client.”

Sustainable Solutions

According to the company website, the facility offers 7.4 MW of IT capacity across 4,700 square meters of IT white space. FRA02 is powered by green electricity, and the Energy Efficiency Value (PUE) is below 1.3.

Maincubes, at the time of the foundation laying ceremony, said, “Our claim is to realize the best possible in terms of sustainability and, at the same time, the highest safety for our computing centers. This means planning as efficiently as possible, not giving away rooms, only building what is needed. With the green-white and south-facing green facade, FRA02 will fit well into the landscape and provide added value – for digitization and the people, companies, and authorities who use it.”

Maincubes FRA04 Announcement

In January 2024, Maincubes announced that it is expanding in Frankfurt with a new data center, FRA04. The facility is being built in the Rhine-Main area, south of Frankfurt in Dietzenbach. The data center will provide around 12,500 square meters of whitespace (server room) and 40 MW of IT capacity. This will be the largest data center development to date for the company and is scheduled to go live in 2027, according to the official release.

Solar PPA

The company also signed a ten-year Power Purchase Agreement with energy provider Stadtwerke Gottingen AG, with a capacity of 34 megawatt peak (MWp) for its third Frankfurt facility, FRA03, earlier this year in February.

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