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Lava planning direct-to-mobile service launch in Central Asia: Rishi Bhatnagar

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In Short:

Lava, a homegrown handset maker, aims to boost Indian electronics manufacturing and plans to launch a direct-to-mobile service. The company is focusing on R&D, performance in various device segments, BharOS adoption, NavIC strategy, and international expansion. Lava will continue to offer Android OS alongside BharOS. They are also working on D2M broadcast technology with the government and are exploring global expansion opportunities.

Lava to Boost Indian Electronics Manufacturing Ecosystem

Lava, a leading Indian handset maker, has expressed its commitment to support the growth of the Indian electronics manufacturing ecosystem. Rishi Bhatnagar, President РR&D & Global Alliances, highlighted the company’s focus on research and development, performance in various device segments, and plans to promote indigenous BharOS and NavIC (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System).

Supporting Local Manufacturing:

Lava has made significant investments in camera and audio labs, mechanical designing, and hardware tools to bolster local production. The company aims to launch a 4G feature phone in May and expand its smartphone offerings. Additionally, Lava has applied for the IT hardware PLI scheme for tablets and laptops to diversify its product range.

5G Migration and R&D Investment:

Lava believes the feature phone market will continue to thrive alongside 5G adoption. The company is actively increasing the use of Indian-made components in its devices, with a strong focus on expanding the domestic manufacturing ecosystem.

Adoption of BharOS and NavIC:

Lava has partnered with IIT Madras for BharOS development and plans to offer a pilot OS on its smartphones. The company will continue to support Android OS alongside BharOS. Furthermore, Lava is collaborating with IIT Tirupati on NavIC integration, which will have significant implications for the navigation sector.

Future Plans and Global Expansion:

Lava has already made inroads into Nepal, Latin America, Sri Lanka, and Middle Eastern markets, with plans to expand further into Central Asian and African countries. The company is exploring partnerships with global telecom operators to tap into the lucrative global mobile market.

Government Collaboration on D2M Broadcast:

Lava is working closely with the Indian government on the direct-to-mobile broadcast service, exploring the technology’s potential in the Indian market. The company seeks government support in conducting successful trials and eventual commercialization of the service.

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