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Jindal Steel ad gains attention due to lawsuit and Cannes metals

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In Short:

W+K India worked on a campaign for Jindal Steel, which was abruptly abandoned. Legal action led to an out-of-court settlement. Later, Kondurkar Studio claimed credit for the campaign, leading to more controversy. The industry debated who owns creative ideas. Despite legal issues, the campaign won awards. The case highlights the importance of protecting creative ideas in the advertising industry.

The Battle of Creative Rights: A Story of Controversy and Settlement

Imagine working tirelessly on a project for four months, pouring your heart and soul into it, only to have it snatched away without any explanation. That’s exactly what happened to **W+K India** when **Jindal Steel** abruptly abandoned a campaign they had approved. To add insult to injury, the same campaign appeared on air in March, looking eerily similar to the one presented to **Jindal Steel**.

Referral to Arbitration

Fast forward to 24th April, the Delhi High Court stepped in, referring the matter to arbitration. While some observations favored **W+K**’s claim, no interim injunction was granted. The court noted striking similarities in the themes and visuals of the campaigns, leading to an out-of-court settlement where **Jindal Steel** paid dues to **W+K** and acquired the intellectual property rights.

Despite the settlement, the saga continued. **Earlyman Films** and **Kondurkar Studio** laid claim to the campaign by submitting it to prestigious awards like Cannes Lions and Kyoorius Creative Awards 2024.

While Kyoorius took a firm stance and disqualified all entries from **Kondurkar Studio** and **Earlyman Films**, the campaign managed to snag a Silver Lion and a Bronze Lion at Cannes, fueling the debate on rightful ownership of the idea behind the campaign.

‘Idea Belongs to Creator’

Legendary adman, Piyush Pandey, shared his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing that the idea belongs to the creator. The industry was divided on whether the accolades at Cannes justified the questionable origins of the campaign.

**W+K India** stood firm, stating that the Delhi High Court verdict established the substantial similarities between the two campaigns, despite the challenges they faced.

On the other hand, **Jindal Steel** maintained that the campaign was their original idea, and they had entrusted **Kondurkar Studio** and **Earlyman Films** to bring it to life.

Amidst the drama, Amrish Kondurkar, the founder of **Kondurkar Studio**, found himself at the center of the storm, facing unfounded negative media coverage regarding the campaign.

The Complexity of Intellectual Property

The entire episode shed light on the complexities of intellectual property in the creative industry. It raised crucial questions about protecting creative ideas and the responsibilities of both agencies and clients in safeguarding them.

As the dust settles, the industry eagerly awaits to see the implications of this case on future collaborations and the ethical standards within the advertising realm.

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