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I&B Ministry amends self-declaration rules for advertisers

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In Short:

The government has issued new rules for the food & beverages industry and health sector to sign self-declaration forms for ads once a year. This update supersedes previous advisories and applies only to these two sectors. Declarations must be uploaded on specific portals. The industry is welcoming the change but emphasizes the need for accountability. Compliance with advertising laws remains crucial. The regulations were introduced following a Supreme Court ruling in the Patanjali Ayurved case.

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New Rules for Self-Declaration in Advertising Industry

Hey folks in New Delhi and Mumbai! Exciting news for the **food & beverages industry** and **health sector**. They, who are known to sometimes break advertising rules, will now only have to fill self-declaration forms once a year for their ads. How convenient!

Oh, and here’s the kicker – all other sectors and industries are off the hook and don’t need to worry about filing any self-declarations. Lucky ducks!

Big Update Alert: The ministry of information and broadcasting has listened to the concerns of the industry folks and decided that only advertisers in the food and healthcare sectors need to fill a self-declaration. No more paperwork for everyone else!

Declarations on Broadcast Seva, PCI Portals

For TV and radio ads, these declarations will be uploaded on the ministry’s broadcast seva portal. Press, print, and online ads can use the portal of the Press Council of India (PCI). Easy peasy!

According to a senior official, this new rule ensures that ads related to food and healthcare sectors provide an annual self-declaration certificate. The ball’s in their court now!

Remember, folks, the responsibility falls on the advertisers and agencies, not the broadcasters or publishers. Keep it in mind!

The industry folks are happy about these relaxed rules but also emphasize the importance of accountability. Let’s keep the advertisers in check!

**Sandeep Goyal**, chairperson of Redifussion, a top ad agency, suggests making the self-declaration legally binding to ensure advertisers are held accountable. Good idea!

**Manisha Kapoor**, CEO and Secretary General of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), reminds everyone to stick to honest advertising and comply with the laws. Let’s keep it ethical, folks!

Recent discussions with the government have led to these changes, offering a relief from the challenging compliance rules. Progress is being made!

The new rules had caused a paperwork overload for many, but now they can breathe a sigh of relief. Phew!

Good news for advertisers as the ministry works on streamlining the self-declaration process after facing technical glitches due to the high volume of declarations. Hang in there!

In Patanjali’s Wake

Following a Supreme Court ruling in the Patanjali Ayurved case, the new regulations require all advertisers to comply with cable television rules and advertising codes. Stay compliant, everyone!

Digital advertisers are particularly happy about the relieved burden as they had to handle a high volume of ads. Less paperwork, more creativity!

Experts highlight the need for clarity between advertisements and information, especially on digital platforms where the line blurs. Let’s keep it crystal clear!

**Dhruv Garg**, a tech policy and legal consultant, appreciates the new rules for easing the compliance burden on the advertising sectors. A win for startups and the industry!

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