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FSSAI sets strict maximum residue limits in India

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In Short:

The Indian food regulator has clarified that MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) is the maximum safe amount of pesticide residue on food products. There were reports of increased pesticide levels in spices, leading to health concerns. Pesticides are regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture. MRL levels are regularly revised based on scientific data. FSSAI follows global standards by aligning with Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Food Safety Authority Raises Maximum Residue Levels for Pesticides in Herbs and Spices

Recently, the Indian food regulator, **FSSAI**, clarified that Maximum Residue Level (MRL) is the maximum amount of pesticide residue expected to remain on food products when a pesticide is used according to label directions and is not a health concern for humans. This clarification came in response to reports claiming that FSSAI allowed 10 times more pesticide residue in herbs and spices.

A Regulatory Adjustment

According to a report in *The Economic Times*, on 8th April, **FSSAI** raised the MRL for a pesticide in herbs and spices from 0.01mg/kg to 0.1mg/kg, citing various representations as the reason for this change. This regulatory adjustment is a response to the changing landscape of food safety concerns.

Significance of Pesticides Regulation

Recent bans on certain products of popular Indian spice brands by food safety authorities in Hong Kong and Singapore have raised awareness about the presence of harmful substances. The move by **FSSAI** aligns with global standards set by organizations like Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Understanding Pesticides Usage

**FSSAI** further clarified that Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for various pesticides are set based on scientific data and are regularly revised to reflect the latest findings and international norms. This ensures that food products meet safety standards acceptable globally.

It’s essential to maintain a balance between agricultural practices and consumer health, which is why regulatory bodies like **FSSAI** constantly monitor and update pesticide regulations to safeguard public health.

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