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EdgeConneX secures $1.9B in financing for EMEA expansion focusing on sustainability.

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In Short:

EdgeConneX has received $1.9 billion in sustainability-linked financing to expand its digital infrastructure in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This funding will help build new data centers to meet the demand for cloud and AI services in the region. The company’s commitment to green practices includes achieving carbon neutrality and powering data centers with renewable energy by 2030. EdgeConneX has a growing presence in Europe with over 20 facilities.

EdgeConneX Secures USD 1.9 Billion in Sustainability-Linked Financing for EMEA Expansion
EdgeConneX has secured additional sustainability-linked financing to accelerate its digital infrastructure expansion. The company announced this week that it has secured an additional USD 1.9 billion in sustainability-linked financing to support its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) expansion. EdgeConneX will invest in the construction and development of new data center facilities to meet the growing demand for cloud and AI infrastructure in the region.

Financing for Sustainable Growth

EdgeConneX said the financing consolidates the company’s portfolio across EMEA, transitioning it from stand-alone project-based funding to a more robust structured corporate debt package. This latest transaction provides EdgeConneX with enhanced financial flexibility and a greater capacity to support projected growth throughout the EMEA region.

Commitment to Green Infrastructure

The financing arrangement ties the interest rate to EdgeConneX’s sustainability objectives. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality, eliminate its waste and water footprint, and power all its data centers with renewable energy sources by 2030.

“The reception of this transaction reconfirms our status as an industry-leading data center developer and operator and reinforces our belief that responsible growth and operational excellence go hand in hand. It showcases our ability to replicate this success on a global scale,” said EdgeConneX.

“This is a significant milestone in our journey towards leading the industry in sustainable practices, and we are excited about the future possibilities this opens up for EdgeConneX and our stakeholders.”

EdgeConneX Presence

EdgeConneX has a European footprint of over 20 facilities across Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and continues to expand its presence in the region with facilities in Germany and Turkey coming soon.

The company previously secured USD 2.9 billion in sustainability-linked financing in October 2022. The latest transaction takes the company’s total green investments to over USD 7 billion over the last two years to support infrastructure growth, the company said.

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