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DC BLOX’s Birmingham Data Center Expansion for High-Performance Computing

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In Short:

DC BLOX has completed an expansion project at their Birmingham data center to meet the rising demand for High-Performance Compute (HPC) applications. The new data hall design can accommodate both high-density and standard cabinets, with power to support up to 2.4 MW. The expansion addresses the increasing need for HPC applications driven by factors like cost-effective HPC systems and AI/ML applications. DC BLOX is dedicated to empowering the technology-based economy of Birmingham by providing future-ready infrastructure. They plan for further expansion to meet the growing demand for data center services across the Southeastern United States.

DC BLOX Expands Birmingham Data Center for High-Performance Computing
DC BLOX, a provider of data centers and fiber network solutions across the Southeastern United States, has announced the completion of its expansion project at the Birmingham, Alabama data center. The expansion features a new data hall design to accommodate the rising demand for High-Performance Compute (HPC) applications, DC BLOX said on Thursday.

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Data Hall Expansion

The expanded data hall can house both high-density cabinets and standard cabinets within the same space, facilitating the deployment of GPU clusters alongside traditional retail racks.

With the ability to support up to 2.4 MW of 3N/2 distributed redundant power, the infrastructure aligns with Tier 3 design standards and can accommodate up to 240 standard retail cabinets and 36 HPC-capable cabinets, each supporting up to 35 kW of power, the company said.

Expansion for Rising Demand

The expansion addresses the “surging demand for HPC applications driven by several factors, including the availability of cost-effective HPC systems based on commodity hardware, specialized processor accelerators such as GPUs, and the escalating utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) applications,” a DC BLOX statement said.

“This expansion underscores DC BLOX’s steadfast dedication to empowering the technology-based economy of Birmingham and beyond,” said Jeff Uphues, CEO of DC BLOX. “Our innovative mixed-hall design and HPC capability are testaments to our commitment to respond to the specific needs of our customers in Birmingham. And our new HPC-enabled data hall can be added to the data centers in any of our markets, as demand requires.”

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Future-Ready Infrastructure

DC BLOX’s Birmingham data center, initially opened in July 2019, has expanded to include 13,000 square feet of office space and 18,000 square feet of data center space.

With plans for further expansion and the development of multiple hyperscale and build-to-suit data centers, the company says the campus has the potential for up to over 50 MW of additional future power.

DC BLOX’s data centers are located in Birmingham, Huntsville – Alabama; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Greenville, Myrtle Beach – South Carolina, with others in development near Atlanta and Berkeley County, South Carolina.

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