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Yulu’s shared EV-mobility data can help authorities pinpoint infrastructure issues

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In Short:

Yulu, an electric bike-sharing platform, uses data gathered from vehicle usage to help identify faulty road infrastructure for urban development. They work closely with public transport authorities to bridge the last-mile gap. Yulu collects user data to anticipate demand for new locations and uses AI and ML to improve efficiency and maintenance. Their goal is to partner with government agencies to improve commuter safety.

Yulu: Helping Governments Identify Faulty Road Infrastructure with Data

Imagine a world where electric vehicles not only provide convenient transportation but also help in identifying faulty road infrastructure. Well, Yulu, an electric Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform, is making this a reality by utilising the data collected during vehicle usage to assist concerned government agencies with urban development projects.

Collecting Detailed Data for Better Analysis

The electric bike-sharing platform goes above and beyond by capturing data as specific as congestion patterns, peak traffic timings, bad road conditions, and even weather conditions. By leveraging data about the health of the electric vehicle (EV), the battery, and other hardware and software components, Yulu can identify bumps or potholes on the road using Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) information.

A Symbiotic Relationship with Public Transport Authorities

Naveen Dachuri, Chief Technology Officer at Yulu, highlighted the company’s partnership with public transport authorities like metro, bus, or rail operators. By setting up easily accessible Yulu Zones near their locations, Yulu fills the last-mile gap for these services. The company is eager to collaborate on urban development projects and improve commuter safety using their technological and analytical capabilities.

Anticipating Demand and Enhancing Efficiency

In addition to collecting data on EV usage, Yulu also gathers information from users to anticipate demand for new Yulu zones and improve the placement of Yulu bikes for easy access. The company uses telemetry and IoT units in its smart vehicles to gather real-time data, which is then analysed to enhance business operations, improve efficiencies, and make the entire proposition more affordable.

Embracing Technology for Smart Solutions

Yulu leverages Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine optimal vehicle deployment, target users effectively, and enhance maintenance processes. Generative AI (GenAI) is utilised for customer support and internal operations efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

With Yulu’s innovative approach, the future of urban development and transportation looks brighter than ever!

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