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Maruti Suzuki projects 30% surge in CNG vehicle sales to reach six lakh units by FY25

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In Short:

Maruti Suzuki India is expecting a 30% increase in CNG car sales to about six lakh units this year. The company also plans to export around three lakh units. They are expanding their capacity at the Manesar plant to address supply issues for the Ertiga model. They aim to produce 40 lakh vehicles by 2030-31 and are constructing a new plant in Kharkhoda with a capacity of 10 lakh units.

Maruti Suzuki Expects Over 30% Rise in CNG Car Sales

Exciting news for all car enthusiasts! Maruti Suzuki India is anticipating a significant increase in its CNG car sales this fiscal year. The company expects to sell around six lakh units, marking a growth of over 30%. It’s all happening!

Plans for the Future

Maruti Suzuki India Executive Director, Corporate Affairs Rahul Bharti, shared this exciting update during an analyst call. The company also has big plans to export approximately three lakh units in the ongoing financial year. Incredible!

Demand for Ertiga CNG

With a huge demand for Ertiga CNG in the market, the company has been facing some supply issues. But fear not, as Maruti Suzuki is expanding its capacity by around one lakh units per annum at its Manesar plant in Haryana to meet this growing demand. What a time to be alive!

Global Reach

Maruti Suzuki is not only focusing on the domestic market but is also eyeing the international market. The company aims to export about three lakh units this year and is looking to diversify its reach across various markets and products. Go global or go home!

Future Growth Plans

What’s more, Maruti Suzuki has set its sights on the future. The company’s upcoming plant at Kharkhoda in Haryana is a crucial part of its ambitious growth plan. The first plant with an annual production capacity of 2,50,000 units is on track to be operational by 2025. The company has plans to set up four such plants in Kharkhoda with a total capacity of 10 lakh units. The future looks bright for Maruti Suzuki!

And the cherry on top? Maruti Suzuki aims to produce a whopping 40 lakh vehicles per year by FY2030-31, nearly double the current levels. The road ahead looks promising for this automotive giant.

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