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Google reduces workforce in cost-cutting move, shifts roles overseas

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In Short:

Google, owned by Alphabet, is laying off some employees to cut costs. The number of workers impacted is not specified, but they can apply for other roles within the company. Some positions will be moved to locations like India and Dublin. Job cuts have been happening at Google and other tech companies due to economic uncertainties. CEO Pichai had warned of more cuts earlier in the year.

Google Implements Layoffs

Big news coming from Google – the company is making some changes that will impact a number of employees. According to a company spokesperson, the layoffs are not company-wide, and affected employees will have the opportunity to apply for internal roles.

Details of the Layoffs

While the exact number of employees affected has not been specified, a small percentage of the impacted roles will be moved to hubs in locations such as India, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dublin.

Fears of Continual Layoffs

The tech industry has seen many job cuts this year, and with economic uncertainty looming, there are fears that more layoffs may be on the horizon. In response, Google has been making changes to become more efficient and align resources with its key product priorities.

Impact on Google Teams

Reports indicate that several teams within Google, including those in real estate and finance departments, have been affected. The restructuring also includes plans to expand growth in locations like Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin.

Prior Layoffs and Future Expectations

Earlier this year, Google laid off hundreds of employees across various teams, including engineering, hardware, and assistant teams. The company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, had warned employees to expect more job cuts at the start of the year.

It’s clear that Google is making strategic moves to position itself for future success, but these changes are definitely coming with some challenges for the workforce.

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