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Good Glamm Group revamps structure ahead of IPO

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In Short:

The Good Glamm Group has revamped its organizational structure to become more agile ahead of its upcoming IPO in 2025. The company aims to increase value by improving efficiency and elevating several executives to new roles. They are empowering junior managers, eliminating redundancies, and offering a GlammSOP program for high-performing employees. The group is focused on faster execution and profitability before their IPO.

Good Glamm Group Revamps Organisational Structure Ahead of IPO

The Good Glamm Group revealed on Thursday that it has undergone a major overhaul of its organisational structure to establish a more agile framework as it gears up for its IPO next year. The renowned beauty and personal care company emphasized that this strategic move represents the culmination of the final phase of team integration, with the ultimate goal of achieving profitability by FY 25.

Key Executive Elevations

As part of the restructuring, several executives have been promoted to new roles within the company. Notable changes include Manan Jain being appointed as the Group Chief Operating Officer, Kartik Rao as the Group Chief People Officer and SVP of Founder Initiatives, Ketan Bhatia assuming the role of Group Brand Director, and Avalok Langer stepping into the position of Group Chief Creative Officer. Additionally, Kamal Lath recently joined as the new Group CFO.

Focus on Agility and Value Maximization

The agile organisational structure is designed to enhance value realization by reducing delays in execution and operations. The company aims to streamline workflows across departments, empower junior managers with decision-making authority, and optimize productivity by eliminating redundancies.

Run-up to IPO

Leading up to the IPO targeted around Diwali 2025, the Good Glamm Group introduced the GlammSOP programme for high-performing employees. This initiative enables accelerated vesting of ESOPs at the time of the IPO and includes a new target-based ESOP pool for senior management.

Darpan Sanghvi, Group Founder & CEO of Good Glamm Group, expressed excitement about the company’s growth trajectory and impending profitability. He highlighted the significance of the Agile Organisational Framework in facilitating swift execution as they approach the IPO milestone.

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