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Experion Technologies partners with ESG Playbook to aid companies in ESG reporting navigation

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In Short:

Experion Technologies has partnered with ESG Playbook to offer solutions for sustainability, risk management, and regulatory compliance in ESG reporting. Over 95% of large companies publish sustainability reports, reflecting a growing recognition of the financial impact of environmental, social, and governance factors. Experion will leverage its expertise in product engineering, consulting, and UI/UX capabilities to help companies navigate the complexities of ESG reporting.

Experion Technologies Partners with ESG Playbook for ESG Reporting Solutions

Exciting news alert! Experion Technologies, a leader in product engineering services and digital transformation, has joined forces with ESG Playbook, a top player in ESG reporting with a cutting-edge platform in the industry. This dynamic partnership is set to shake things up in the realm of sustainability, risk management, and regulatory compliance!

The Importance of ESG Reporting

Picture this: 95% of the world’s largest companies are now publishing sustainability reports. That’s huge! The financial impact of environmental, social, and governance factors is gaining momentum, influencing investment decisions and corporate compliance towards more sustainable practices. ESG reporting on a global scale is more crucial than ever, and this partnership is stepping up to the plate to address the evolving landscape.

What to Expect

With Experion Technologies bringing their product engineering expertise, consulting services, integration, testing, and UI/UX capabilities to the table, enterprises can expect a seamless experience when navigating the complexities of ESG reporting. ESG Playbook’s comprehensive reporting platform offers end-to-end solutions for teams to collaborate and streamline data collection and reporting of global regulations. It doesn’t stop there – Experion Technologies is also incorporating Big Data and AI to enhance ESG compliance and reporting on the platform.

“ESG Playbook is the most comprehensive reporting platform currently in the market as an end-to-end platform, where teams can collaborate by streamlining the data collection and reporting of global regulations. The platform collects data through APIs or other traditional forms of interfaces to report on all three areas as prescribed by regulators. In addition to having engineered the product for ESG Playbook, Experion offers the ability to bring Big Data onto the platform and incorporate AI to facilitate ESG compliance and reporting,” said Binu Jacob, MD & CEO, Experion Technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates on this game-changing partnership between Experion Technologies and ESG Playbook!

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