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Brakes India partners with Japan’s ADVICS to manufacture advanced braking products in new joint venture

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In Short:

Brakes India and ADVICS plan to create a joint venture to make advanced braking products for Indian cars. They will invest ₹500 crore and hire 300 employees. They aim to meet the growing demand for advanced brakes due to electric vehicles and autonomous driving. The joint venture will start with Electronic Stability Control products and supply them to the Indian market. This partnership will enhance safety for Indian customers.

Joining Forces for Safer Roads: Brakes India and ADVICS Form Joint Venture

Get ready for some exciting news straight from the world of automotive technology! Brakes India, a key player in braking systems, and ADVICS, Japan’s top-notch brake system supplier, are teaming up to revolutionize the Indian light vehicle market. How cool is that?

The Big Plan: A Joint Venture for Innovation

So, what’s the game plan? Well, these two powerhouses are all set to establish a joint venture with a 51:49 stake to create cutting-edge braking products. The project involves a hefty investment of ₹500 crore and is expected to employ around 300 individuals in the coming years. Talk about making moves!

Driving Innovation for a Brighter Future

Why are they doing this, you ask? According to Vasudevan K, President-Light Vehicles at Brakes India, the surge in hybrid and electric vehicles in India calls for top-notch brake systems. By combining Brakes India’s R&D prowess with ADVICS’s global technology, they aim to spearhead the market with advanced braking solutions. Now, that’s what we call progress!

Looking Ahead: Focus on Safety and Technology

As part of their strategy, the joint venture will focus on introducing advanced products tailored for the Indian market. The first on the list? Electronic Stability Control (ESC). And guess what? These innovative products will soon hit the Indian roads through their parent companies. It’s all about safety and technology, folks!

An Exciting Journey Towards Safer Roads

Keizo Oda, Chief India Officer at ADVICS, is confident that this collaboration will not only bring operational efficiencies but also enhance safety standards for Indian consumers. It’s more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to creating a safer driving experience for everyone. Now, that’s something we can all get behind!

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