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Apple apologizes for iPad Pro ad ‘Crush’ following criticism from Ad Age

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In Short:

Apple apologized for a controversial iPad Pro ad showing creativity being crushed. They admitted to missing the mark and stated their goal is to celebrate how users express themselves. The ad has over a million views on YouTube and was shared by CEO Tim Cook. Online critics found the ad insensitive and not in line with Apple’s branding. The new iPad Pro has upgraded displays and is the thinnest Apple product ever.

Apple Apologizes for Controversial iPad Pro Ad

Apple is saying sorry after receiving backlash for a recent advertisement promoting its latest iPad Pro model. The ad, called “Crush,” featured a video of creative tools like cameras, guitars, and pianos being crushed by a mechanical device, sparking criticism from online viewers.

Apology from Apple

The tech giant issued an apology, stating, “Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.”

While an Apple spokesperson declined to comment further, the company directed inquiries to Ad Age magazine’s report. The advertisement, which garnered over a million views on Apple’s YouTube channel and was shared by CEO Tim Cook, has since stirred controversy.

Online Criticism

Commenters online expressed disappointment with the ad, claiming it was insensitive and strayed from Apple’s usual brand positioning as nonconformist and human-friendly. Actor Hugh Grant even chimed in, calling the ad a portrayal of “the destruction of the human experience courtesy of Silicon Valley.”

Apple’s Response

Despite the criticism, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro model on Tuesday, featuring a new chip for artificial intelligence computing and upgraded displays. The company emphasized that the latest device is the thinnest product they’ve ever released, showcasing a sleek design and enhanced capabilities.

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