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Air India partners with Boeing, revamps ground operations to reduce flight delays

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In Short:

Air India is partnering with Boeing to improve its long-haul flights and customer service. The airline plans to lease new wide-body aircraft to grow its network, but faces challenges due to delivery delays and supply chain issues. Measures include a reliability improvement program with Boeing, restructuring ground operations, reviewing customer facilitation procedures, and setting up an aircraft maintenance facility in Bengaluru.

Air India’s Commitment to Improving Long-Haul Flights

Imagine soaring through the skies on a long-haul flight with Air India, knowing that every detail has been meticulously taken care of to enhance your journey. That’s the vision this iconic airline is striving for by working closely with Boeing and revamping its ground operations.

Focus on Reliability and Customer Service

With a focus on reliability and customer service, Air India is taking steps to ensure smoother operations and enhanced experiences for its passengers. From addressing delivery delays to tackling supply chain challenges, the airline is leaving no stone unturned to elevate its service standards.

Key Initiatives

One of the key initiatives includes a partnership with Boeing to improve reliability through a comprehensive programme. This collaboration allows Air India to identify and address factors contributing to delays and unreliability, ultimately enhancing its performance.

Enhanced Ground Operations

Recognizing the importance of efficient ground operations, Air India has restructured its approach. By creating a dedicated team for ground operations and appointing Jairaj Shanmugam as the global head of flight operations, the airline is streamlining its processes and ensuring smoother transitions for passengers.

Focus on Maintenance

Addressing maintenance concerns, Air India has announced the establishment of an aircraft maintenance facility in Bengaluru in partnership with SIA Engineering Company Ltd. This facility, set to be operational by 2025, will play a crucial role in overcoming maintenance deficits and ensuring top-notch service standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Air India’s commitment to excellence is evident in its efforts to enhance long-haul flights and elevate customer experiences. By leveraging strategic partnerships and focusing on maintenance and ground operations, the airline is set to soar to new heights in the aviation industry.

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