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Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, others to train 95 million people in AI-impacted roles

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In Short:

Top technology firms including Cisco, Accenture, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and SAP are teaming up to upskill and reskill 95 million individuals globally over the next 10 years in AI-impacted roles. The consortium will provide training in cybersecurity, digital skills, and AI. The goal is to address the impact of AI on jobs and connect businesses with skilled workers. Cisco’s Executive Vice President emphasized the importance of equipping workers with relevant skills for the future.

Cisco and Top Tech Firms to Upskill 95 Million Individuals in AI-Driven Roles

US-based telecom gear maker Cisco, along with top technology and consulting firms such as Accenture, Eightfold, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Microsoft, and SAP have come together to upskill and reskill over 95 million individuals globally in roles that are expected to be impacted by artificial intelligence (AI) in the next 10 years.

Consortium Formation

The consortium members, being frontrunners in AI innovation, are aiming to address the evolving workforce landscape due to the advancements in AI. They have jointly launched the ‘AI-Enabled Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Workforce Consortium’ to collaborate on insights, action plans, and activation within their spheres of influence.

Training Initiatives

Under this initiative, Cisco will train 25 million people in cybersecurity and digital skills, while IBM plans to skill 30 million individuals in digital skills, including 2 million in AI by 2030. Intel aims to impart AI skills to 30 million people by 2030, and Microsoft will train and certify 10 million people from underserved communities in digital skills by 2025. SAP will upskill two million individuals worldwide by 2025, and Google has allocated 25 million euros for AI training in Europe.

Government Support

The effort is being catalyzed by the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council’s (TTC) Talent for Growth Task Force, with a focus on exploring the impact of AI on ICT job roles, providing access to relevant training programs, and connecting businesses with skilled workers.

Industry Perspectives

Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce, and Francine Katsoudas, EVP of Cisco, emphasized the importance of addressing the changing workforce needs due to AI and providing workers with relevant skills for the future.

Future Steps

In the initial phase, the consortium will evaluate the impact of AI on 56 ICT job roles and provide training recommendations for these roles. This includes the top ICT job titles with the highest job postings in the US and key European countries.

The consortium members are committed to developing inclusive workforce pathways in job sectors integrating AI technology.

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