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Cisco driving transformation in 5G network architecture

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In Short:

Cisco Systems is helping telecom carriers reduce costs and improve network infrastructure in a competitive landscape. The company is working on 5G and architectural transformation projects with service providers to lower infrastructure costs. Cisco supports telcos in monetizing networks through new use cases like private 5G and mobile IoT. The company also focuses on predictive AI, bringing predictable experiences and offering solutions for network issues.

Cisco Systems supporting telecom carriers in network infrastructure evolution

Cisco Systems, a digital communications technology conglomerate, is collaborating with telecom carriers to bring about architectural evolution in their network infrastructure. This initiative aims at reducing cost pressures in a hyper-competitive landscape.

5G Front and Architectural Transformation

Viswanathan Iyer, President – Service Provider at Cisco APJ, mentioned that the company has been actively involved in supporting service providers on the 5G front. Cisco is aiding operators in reducing their cost per bit from an infrastructure perspective through the ongoing work on architectural transformation.

The US-based multinational is assisting telcos in converging IP and optical networks to lower the cost per bit of transport infrastructure. This effort aligns with enterprises’ digital transformation journey.

Monetisation and New Use Cases

Iyer emphasized the significance of operators focusing on network monetisation from both a B2B and B2C perspective. Cisco is collaborating with telecom operators to deliver new use cases related to private 5G and mobile IoT, facilitating industries in their digitization efforts.

IoT Platform and Smart Energy

Cisco’s mobile IoT platform, serving around 230 million connected cars, is expanding into the smart energy segment to digitize the entire ecosystem. The company is also exploring smart metering applications to enhance energy and water usage monitoring.

AI Integration and Operational Transformation

Cisco is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into the core telecom network to predict and proactively address potential issues. The predictive network gathers data from various sources to anticipate user experience problems and provide solutions promptly.

Collaboration with Telecom Service Providers

Cisco collaborates with telecom service providers globally, including AT&T, Docomo, Axiata, and Telstra, to deploy IoT platforms and enhance content delivery and mobile IoT services at the edge.

The company envisions leveraging AI and connectivity offerings to elevate customer experiences and build the next generation telco with enhanced operational efficiency.

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