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Begin with the Eraser Tool for editing perfection

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In Short:

OnePlus has introduced AI technology in its smartphones, following in the footsteps of other brands like Samsung and Google. This AI will bring helpful features to OnePlus devices, starting with an Eraser Tool for images. The tool allows users to easily remove unwanted objects from photos using AI-powered technology. OnePlus promises that the tool will maintain the natural look of the images. The AI Eraser Tool will be rolled out to select OnePlus devices starting in April.

oneplus ai announced to start with eraser

OnePlus has introduced AI (artificial intelligence) technology to its smartphones, following the trend set by other leading brands like Samsung and Google. The addition of AI is aimed at providing users with enhanced features and functionality. Initially, OnePlus AI will debut with the Eraser Tool on OnePlus devices.

According to OnePlus, the AI Eraser tool is powered by a proprietary large language model and is designed to boost productivity and creativity for users.

Features of the OnePlus AI Eraser Tool

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The OnePlus AI Eraser tool enables users to easily select and remove unwanted objects from images in their photo gallery. Users can highlight specific objects like trash, pedestrians, or any other imperfections in the image, and the eraser tool will seamlessly remove the highlighted subject from the photo.

OnePlus stated, “AI Eraser is a result of significant research and development efforts, aimed at ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content.”

The company added, “The proprietary LLM powering this feature has undergone training on a vast dataset, allowing it to comprehend complex scenes.”

OnePlus assures that the AI Eraser tool will preserve the natural look of the photo while removing unwanted elements. However, the feature will initially be available on select OnePlus devices.

Availability of OnePlus AI Eraser Tool

Starting in April, OnePlus will gradually roll out the AI Eraser feature to various models, including the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and the newly launched OnePlus Nord CE 4.

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