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Are banks closed for second Saturday on June 8th? Check out the details here.

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In Short:

Today, June 8, is a bank holiday in India, with all public and private banks closed, including SBI. June 2024 will have 12 scheduled bank holidays for regional celebrations and weekends. Customers should check with their nearest branch for specific holiday dates as they vary by state. Online and mobile banking services will continue as usual. The RBI decides bank holiday schedules based on various factors.

Bank Holiday Today on June 8:

Hey folks! Just a reminder that today, June 8, is a bank holiday in India. This means that all public and private banks, including our favorite, the State Bank of India (SBI), will be taking a break today because it’s the second Saturday of the month.

June 2024 Bank Holiday Calendar:

Looking ahead, June 2024 is packed with at least 12 scheduled bank holidays for various regional celebrations, religious holidays, and of course, the weekends. Keep in mind that weekends include the second and fourth Saturdays and all Sundays off. This month, we even get to enjoy five Sundays! Time for some relaxation, right?

Regional Variations:

Remember, bank holidays can vary across different states in India due to regional nuances. It’s always a good idea to double-check the complete list of non-working days with your nearest bank branch. This way, you can plan your banking activities smoothly and avoid any last-minute surprises.

Online Banking Services:

When it comes to online banking, you’re in luck! Online banking and mobile banking services will be up and running smoothly even during holidays, unless specified otherwise by a bank due to technical reasons. So, feel free to use mobile apps, ATMs, or websites for any urgent transactions. But if you require help from bank staff, just keep in mind their holiday schedule for a hassle-free experience.

RBI’s Role in Bank Holidays:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plays a vital role in determining the annual bank holidays. Factors like national and state holidays, cultural and religious events, operational requirements, government directives, and coordination with other banks all come into play. The RBI shares the complete holiday calendar through its official website and notifies banks and financial institutions promptly.

Stay informed, plan ahead, and enjoy your holidays!

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