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Apple partnering with OpenAI and Google to bring advanced AI to iPhones

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In Short:

Apple is planning to bring AI-powered features to its products, including the iPhone 16 lineup expected to be unveiled in June 2024. The tech giant is reportedly working with Google and OpenAI to develop its AI model internally named Ajax. The upcoming WWDC in June 2024 will be crucial in showcasing these new AI capabilities, focusing on privacy and security. Partnering with Google’s Gemini or OpenAI is still unconfirmed. Meanwhile, Apple aims to integrate AI deeply into its devices for functions like text generation and article summarization. Users have shown mixed excitement towards AI, but Apple’s move is expected to set a trend in the industry.

Apple Collaborating with Google and OpenAI for AI-Powered Features

apple could take help of openai google

Apple, a leading tech company known for its iPhones, is exploring AI (artificial intelligence) powered features for its products. While many other manufacturers have already incorporated AI into their devices, Apple is reportedly seeking assistance from Google and OpenAI for its AI-model, internally known as Ajax.

Expectations for iPhone 16 Lineup

According to MSN, Apple is expected to introduce AI capabilities to its iPhone 16 lineup. The new AI features could be revealed at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in June 2024, scheduled to take place between June 10 to June 14, 2024.

Focus on Privacy and Security

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states that Apple plans to deeply integrate AI features into the iPhone, emphasizing privacy and security. Features such as automatic text generation, article summarization in Safari, and notification recaps may be seen in iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Partnering with OpenAI or Google

It is unclear whether Apple will collaborate with OpenAI or Google for AI implementation. While initial speculations leaned towards Google’s Gemini, discussions with OpenAI have also progressed. Although not every user may be enthusiastic about AI, Apple’s steps in this direction are closely watched by the industry.

Upcoming iPhone 16 Series and iOS 18

The iPhone 16 series is anticipated to launch in September, with iOS 18 offering insights into the software enhancements for the new iPhones. The WWDC will be a pivotal event for users, developers, and the tech industry as a whole, setting the tone for future innovations by Apple and other manufacturers.

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