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What happens if your AI girlfriend despises you?

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In Short:

An AI app called AngryGF simulates scenarios where users interact with an angry AI girlfriend to improve communication skills. The app offers various situations where the virtual girlfriend gets mad and users must try to appease her. Despite attempts to please the AI girlfriend, interactions were frustrating. The app offers additional scenarios for a paid upgrade. The app’s creator was inspired by her own relationships and believes it helps men improve their communication skills.

AI technology continues to push boundaries with the introduction of a unique mobile app called AngryGF. This app offers users the experience of receiving angry messages from a fake girlfriend, simulating scenarios that prompt users to practice communication skills in a gamified setting.

The Concept Behind AngryGF

The app aims to help users navigate arguments by simulating situations where their AI girlfriend is upset, and users must try to comfort her to win back forgiveness. This unique approach to relationship simulation raises questions about the appeal and effectiveness of such an app.

Exploring AngryGF Features

Upon downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, users encounter various scenarios designed to provoke a response from their virtual girlfriend. These scenarios range from financial mishaps to unintentional compliments to friends, challenging users to soothe their angry partner and restore their forgiveness level.

Personal Experience with AngryGF

Despite efforts to appease the AI girlfriend, interactions often led to misunderstandings and further anger. In some cases, the app demanded an upgrade to access more scenarios, adding a layer of frustration to the experience.

Founder’s Perspective

Cofounder Emilia Aviles, the brains behind AngryGF, shared her inspiration for the app, citing past relationships where communication skills fell short. While the app uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology, it lacks direct input from relationship therapists or real-world relationship data.

As AI technology continues to evolve, apps like AngryGF raise interesting questions about the intersection of technology and human relationships. Whether this app serves as a valuable tool for improving communication skills or simply a bizarre experiment remains to be seen.

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