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Meta begins training more powerful successor to Llama 3

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In Short:

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Instagram that Meta will integrate new Meta AI assistant, Llama 3, into Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. The company focused on improving training data, but some experts are concerned about the potential for misuse in weapon development. Meta has released tools to prevent harmful outputs. However, some AI researchers find Meta’s license for Llama models too restrictive, limiting the potential for experimentation.

Zuckerberg Announces Meta’s Incorporation of Llama 3 AI Assistant

Mark Zuckerberg took to Instagram today to explain that Meta would incorporate the new Meta AI assistant, powered by Llama 3, into products that include Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Improving Training Data with Llama 3

Meta said in its blog post announcing Llama 3 that it had focused heavily on improving the training data used to develop the model. It was fed seven times as much data as its predecessor, Llama 2, the company said. Some AI experts noted that figures released by Meta also showed that creating Llama 3 required huge amounts of energy to power the servers required.

Concerns and Tools for Trust and Safety

The growing capabilities of open source AI models have spurred some experts to worry about potential misuse. Meta has released tools that it says can help ensure Llama does not output potentially harmful utterances.

Debate on Openness of Llama Models

Some AI researchers have critiqued Meta‘s license restrictions on the Llama models, stating that it limits the experiments they can run. The license for Llama 3 is also under scrutiny for being potentially more restrictive.

Licensing Clause for Large User Bases

One part of the model’s license states that companies with “greater than 700 million monthly active users” must seek a special license from Meta—a clause apparently designed to prevent the project from benefiting the firm’s competitors.

Anticipated AI Experimentation with Llama 3

Despite the restrictions, Llama 3 is expected to fuel a new wave of AI experimentation. Developers, including those from HuggingFace, have created numerous variants based on the previous model and are likely to do the same with Llama 3.

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