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Deepfake Romance Scams: The New Real-Time Threat

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In Short:

Experienced cybercriminals known as Yahoo Boys openly brag about their scams on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. They use Telegram to organize and advertise their scamming skills, including business email compromise and impersonation scams. The scammers have started using deepfake technology in their romance scams, using software advertised for entertainment purposes. They manipulate live video calls with face-swapping apps on phones and laptops.

The Yahoo Boys Exposed: Inside the World of Cybercrime

The Yahoo Boys are experienced scammers who openly boast about their fraudulent activities. They showcase their cons and recruitment tactics on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and especially on Telegram.

Organized Scams

In Telegram groups with thousands of members, Yahoo Boys advertise their skills for various scams including business email compromise, crypto scams, and impersonation scams. They manipulate social situations skillfully and have long-lasting impacts on their victims. They offer services like photo and video editing, fake IDs, and scam “scripts” for free download.

Impact on Victims

According to intelligence analyst Paul Raffile, Yahoo Boys engage in organized and disorganized crimes. They share tips and advice online and are behind heinous activities like sextortion and driving victims towards suicide.

Use of Deepfakes

Since May 2022, Yahoo Boys have incorporated deepfakes into their scams, manipulating their appearance to deceive victims. They utilize various software and apps to create misleading videos and engage in live deepfake calls through different setups involving phones and laptops.

Risks and Precautions

It is important to be cautious of such cybercriminal activities. Yahoo Boys exploit technology for illicit gains and pose a threat to unsuspecting individuals. Stay vigilant and avoid engaging with suspicious online entities.

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