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The demise of Atlas Robot is announced, but its legacy lives on.

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In Short:

Humanoid robots are getting stronger and scarier, raising concerns about their potential to harm humans. Old Atlas, known for its comedic falls, is being replaced by a new version that may have more advanced capabilities. Companies like Hyundai, Sanctuary AI, and Figure are investing in humanoid robots for various tasks, including factory work and artificial intelligence development. The future implications of these advanced robots remain uncertain.

Hyundai Reveals New Atlas Humanoid Robot

Hyundai has unveiled a new and improved version of its humanoid robot, Atlas. The previous version, Old Atlas, was known for its abilities in parkour but also its tendency to stumble and fall. The new Atlas, showcased in a recent video, seems to have overcome these shortcomings and is now even more advanced.

It was nice knowing you, Old Atlas—you awesome, pratfalling, parkouring, metal man machine.

The new Atlas is expected to be utilized for repetitive tasks in Hyundai’s factories, rather than engaging in more complex activities like laser welding. This development signals Hyundai’s commitment to incorporating advanced robotics in its manufacturing processes.

Increasing Trend in Humanoid Robot Usage

Hyundai is not the only company exploring the use of humanoid robots in industrial settings. Sanctuary AI, a Canadian company, recently announced a partnership with Magna, an Austrian automotive firm, to deploy humanoid robots in car assembly operations. Similarly, Californian robotics startup Figure has secured significant investments to develop generative artificial intelligence for humanoid robots in collaboration with OpenAI.

These advancements in humanoid robotics raise questions about the potential implications of creating machines that can learn and adapt independently. However, companies are optimistic about the benefits and efficiencies that humanoid robots can bring to various industries.

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