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The Influence of AI on the 2024 Elections

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In Short:

In India, Indonesia, South Africa, and the United States, political leaders and influences are being revived through generative AI technology to support their successors. This technology is revolutionizing the political landscape, creating deepfakes for various purposes. As experts monitor the impact of generative AI on misinformation, a tracking system has been put in place to monitor the use of this technology in elections worldwide throughout 2024.

In India and Indonesia, deceased leaders are making endorsements in support of their political successors; rapper Eminem is backing opposition parties in South Africa; and President Biden is advising voters in New Hampshire to stay home. These events may seem real, but they are actually the result of generative AI technology. Welcome to 2024.

Implications of Generative AI

The use of deepfakes and generative AI in elections poses a significant challenge to the global electorate. From creating fake speeches to spreading disinformation, the impact of this technology is far-reaching. AI chatbots have been used to sway public opinion and influence voter behavior, while also being leveraged to manipulate and deceive voters.

Experts acknowledge the transformative power of generative AI in reshaping the information landscape. The potential for misuse, including the spread of misinformation and hateful content, raises concerns about the integrity of democratic processes. Despite efforts by tech companies to implement safeguards, the influence of generative AI on political discourse remains a pressing issue.

To better understand the evolving role of generative AI in politics and information dissemination, ongoing monitoring and analysis are essential. Stay tuned as we continue to track these developments worldwide throughout the year.

Our Approach

Here’s what we’re doing:

We are maintaining a comprehensive list and map of instances involving generative AI in elections during 2024. The interactive map displays countries where AI manipulation has been identified, along with the frequency of such occurrences. Detailed information on each case, including timing and specifics, can be accessed by clicking on individual entries. Furthermore, we are documenting the key players, tools, and platforms associated with each instance for a more thorough analysis.

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