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2024: The Year of AI in Elections

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In Short:

Deepfake technology created by generative AI is being used in politics all over the world, with fake videos of politicians rising from the dead in India and rapper Eminem endorsing opposition parties in South Africa. WIRED is launching a project to track the use of generative AI in over 60 elections globally. This technology is reshaping political campaigns and democracy, reaching millions of voters online.

Reporter Vittoria Elliott discusses how deepfakes created by generative AI are being used in the political landscape, with examples in India and South Africa.

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AI Is Impacting Global Politics

As the world gears up for major elections, the use of generative AI in campaigns and misinformation is on the rise. From India to South Africa, politicians and regular citizens are utilizing AI to manipulate political narratives.

WIRED is launching a project to track the widespread use of AI in over 60 elections worldwide, highlighting the potential impact of these technologies on democracy.

For example, in Indonesia, a TikTok video featuring an AI-generated image of a prominent politician garnered over 19 billion views, showcasing the reach of these manipulative techniques.

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