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New Google AI Features Coming to Chromebooks with Gemini

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In Short:

Google has introduced new AI features to ChromeOS, including Help Me Write for text editing, wallpaper generation based on specific parameters, Magic Editor in Google Photos for object removal and background editing, and Gemini app for various tasks. New Chromebook Plus owners can access Gemini Advanced model for free for 12 months. The features aim to enhance user experience and productivity on Chromebooks.

Google Introduces New AI Features for Chromebook Plus Laptops

Google has rolled out several new AI features for Chromebook Plus laptops, aimed at enhancing user experience and productivity.

Help Me Write

The first feature, called Help Me Write, allows users to rewrite, rephrase, or change the tone of selected text in any text box. Simply right-click on the text and use Google’s AI to generate suggestions. While the feature may not suit everyone’s writing style, it provides an interesting tool for users to experiment with.

Generative AI Wallpaper System

ChromeOS now features a generative AI wallpaper system, similar to that found in Android. Users can customize wallpapers based on specific parameters in ChromeOS’s wallpaper settings. The interesting part is that you can even create wallpapers while in a video-calling app, adding a unique touch to your video call background.

Magic Editor in Google Photos

Another useful addition is Magic Editor in Google Photos, now available on Chromebook Plus. This feature allows users to erase objects, move subjects, and manipulate backgrounds in photos. It provides a simple yet powerful tool for enhancing pictures on the go.

Gemini App

Gemini is a versatile stand-alone app that offers a wide range of functions, from writing cover letters to seeking travel tips. Chromebook Plus owners can access the advanced Gemini model for free for the first 12 months. This upgrade from Google One includes Gemini for Workspace, 2 terabytes of storage, and additional benefits.

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