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Robin Sloan: The Tech World’s Top Novelist Ventures into Meta Topics

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In Short:

Robin Sloan, author of “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” and “Sourdough”, has now released his first science fiction book, “Moonbound”, which he considers his best work yet. The book incorporates elements like dragons, wizards, and sentient swords set in a futuristic world. Sloan discusses his writing journey and how language has become a breakthrough AI technology, allowing him to explore new creative avenues beyond what machines can achieve.

Robin Sloan releases new sci-fi book “Moonbound”

Renowned author Robin Sloan has just released his latest work of science fiction, Moonbound, which he considers to be his best-written and most ambitious book to date.

Evolution of Sloan’s writing career

Earlier in his career, Sloan self-published three short stories in different genres, with one of them gaining significant popularity and eventually becoming the basis for his novel Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. Despite being labeled as a “nominally realist” writer, Sloan’s work often contained elements of technomystical and sci-fi themes.

This trend continued in his subsequent novel Sourdough, which featured a futuristic food fair with a bread monster, hinting at the sci-fi stories wanting to break free from his narratives.

About “Moonbound”

Moonbound is set in a distant future and features characters such as wizards, talking beavers, sentient swords, and dragons. The protagonist, Ariel de la Sauvage, embarks on a unique journey that challenges traditional storytelling conventions, creating a multi-layered and engaging narrative.

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