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Danish Media Considers Legal Action Against OpenAI

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In Short:

Major Danish media outlets are threatening to sue OpenAI for using their content to train AI models without compensation. OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has faced similar lawsuits in the past and has struck licensing deals with other publishers. Danish media wants to negotiate collectively with OpenAI to ensure fair compensation, fearing further marginalization by AI chatbots and search engines. Time is running out to reach a deal before the value of their content diminishes.

AI vs. Danish Media: Copyright Dispute

In a recent development, major Danish newspapers and TV stations are considering legal action against OpenAI unless the company compensates them for allegedly using their content to train its AI models.

Legal Threats

According to Karen Rønde, CEO of the Danish Press Publications’ Collective Management Organization (DPCMO), representing 99 percent of Danish media outlets, including state broadcaster DR and TV 2, they seek remuneration for their work used in training OpenAI’s model. The DPCMO plans to pursue legal action if an agreement is not reached within a year.

Copyright Controversy

This dispute has prompted a new debate in copyright law following lawsuits alleging that OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, scraped content from news organizations’ websites without permission. Subsequently, OpenAI entered into licensing agreements with major publishers to use their content for future AI model training, though the financial details remain undisclosed.

Negotiation Tactics

Danish media aims to negotiate collectively with OpenAI, a strategy that could set a precedent for other smaller countries. Despite efforts to engage with OpenAI, Rønde felt Denmark was not a priority, citing a focus on deals in larger markets.

Enforcement Actions

Rønde has informed OpenAI’s legal counsel about Danish copyright laws and awaits a response. Concerned about the diminishing value of publishers’ content due to AI technologies, she emphasizes the urgency of reaching agreements with OpenAI and Google in the coming year.

Industry Partnerships

DPCMO was established in 2021 to help Danish media navigate negotiations with tech giants. The group previously secured agreements with Microsoft’s Bing and Google for featuring Danish publishers’ content in search engines, with compensation terms yet to be finalized.

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