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AI Candidate Running for UK Parliament: A New Wave of Politics

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In Short:

As the UK elections approach, an AI candidate named AI Steve, controlled by businessman Steven Endacott, is running for Parliament. Voters can interact with AI Steve, who will incorporate suggestions into his platform. Endacott will act as AI Steve’s in-person representative. AI Steve was created by Neural Voice and can have 10,000 conversations at once. Endacott hopes AI Steve will bring a more direct form of democracy to politics.

AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the UK:

As the United Kingdom approaches its upcoming elections, a new type of politician has emerged – an AI candidate. AI Steve, an avatar of Steven Endacott, a Brighton-based businessman, is standing for Parliament as an Independent.

New Form of Democracy:

Voters have the opportunity to vote for AI Steve and engage with the candidate by discussing policy positions and raising concerns. AI Steve will integrate suggestions and issues raised by voters into its platform.

Meetings and Parliamentary Sessions:

Endacott will serve as the physical representative for AI Steve, attending meetings and Parliamentary sessions. He believes that AI Steve facilitates a more direct form of democracy, aiming to connect politicians with their constituents effectively.

Corrections and Design Details:

Currently listed as Steve AI on the ballot, Endacott is working to correct the AI candidate’s name. AI Steve was created by Neural Voice, an AI voice company chaired by Endacott, enabling it to engage in up to 10,000 conversations simultaneously.

Addressing Environmental Concerns:

Endacott’s motivation for developing AI Steve stemmed from a desire to address issues such as climate change. AI Steve is designed to transcribe conversations with voters, analyze policy preferences, and present them to ‘validators’ for feedback.

Interaction with Voters:

Endacott’s team intends to engage commuters at the Brighton train stop to complete policy surveys during their commutes. AI Steve will prioritize issues based on constituent preferences and provide a platform for voters to influence policy decisions.

Commitment to Constituent Preferences:

Despite potential differences in opinions, Endacott is committed to aligning his voting decisions with the preferences expressed through AI Steve. He emphasizes the importance of representing constituent interests in a democracy.

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