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LinkedIn’s AI career coaches are ready for you now!

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In Short:

LinkedIn is introducing new AI tools to help users with their careers. These tools include chats with AI career experts, resume and cover letter writing assistance, and job qualification evaluation. The platform is ramping up its generative AI offerings to provide users with expert advice, interactive chat, and job search capabilities. These tools aim to help users find relevant jobs faster and tailor their applications to specific positions.

LinkedIn is introducing new AI tools to help users with their career development and job search. The platform now offers chats with generative AI career experts, as well as tools to write résumés and cover letters, and evaluate qualifications for job postings.

AI Tools Integration

LinkedIn has significantly increased its use of generative AI tools over the past year, with plans to incorporate the technology into more features. The platform announced new offerings including AI-powered expert advice, interactive chats for LinkedIn courses, and additional AI features for job search and application for premium users. This move reflects LinkedIn’s commitment to leverage generative AI technology.

Enhancing Job Search

The aim of these AI tools is to help users enhance their skills and find job opportunities that closely align with their experience, rather than sending out mass applications. Gyanda Sachdeva, vice president of product at LinkedIn, believes users will be able to find more relevant jobs faster with the help of AI.

AI Chatbots and Expert Advice

LinkedIn’s premium subscribers can now interact with AI chatbots to ask career-related questions such as negotiating salary. These chatbots are based on the expertise of real-life coaches hired by LinkedIn, including Anil Gupta, Gemma Leigh Roberts, and Lisa Gates.

Continued Innovation

Last year, LinkedIn introduced AI tools for recruiters to search for candidates using conversational language. This year, the company rolled out generative AI tools for job seekers to receive feedback on their fit for open positions. Premium users can now utilize AI to search for jobs, write tailored cover letters and résumés, and message hiring managers.

Testing and Feedback

WIRED tested the cover letter writing feature and found that while the tool was able to synthesize experience and job postings, some editing may be necessary to make the letter stand out with specific examples of past work.

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