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Yahoo’s updated AI news app retains original DNA of the Artifact

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In Short:

Yahoo News partners with over a thousand publishers to provide free curated news in its app. Users can select their interests and the app uses a mix of AI and human input to show personalized content. The Top Stories section highlights important news. The app aims to avoid bias and misinformation by allowing users to flag clickbait headlines. Gamification elements reward users for reading articles. Additional features may be added in the future.

Yahoo News App Offers Curated News Without Paywalls

The Yahoo News app sources articles from over a thousand publishers and ensures they are available without any paywalls or subscription requirements. Partnerships with publishers involve revenue-sharing agreements, similar to how Spotify operates for music.

Personalized News Experience

Upon launching the app, users are prompted to select five or more news topics they are interested in, such as politics, science, gaming, and climate. The app combines algorithmic curation and human input from editorial experts at Yahoo News to tailor the news feed. Users can further customize their experience by blocking specific publications or keywords.

The Yahoo News team strives to strike a balance between AI-driven content curation and editorial decision-making. The app is designed to cater to individual interests while also showcasing a Top Stories section highlighting the most significant news of the day.

Ethical Considerations and Features

Concerns over potential bias and the spread of misinformation are addressed through careful content moderation. The app allows users to flag clickbait headlines, which are then replaced with clearer versions. These headlines are generated by AI and refined by human curators at Yahoo.

To incentivize user engagement, the app includes gamification elements where readers earn titles based on the number of articles read. Additionally, future updates may introduce features that recognize and reward users with higher credibility based on their reading habits.

Future Developments and Features

While some features from the previous Artifact app have not yet been incorporated into the new Yahoo News app, such as AI voices reading articles aloud, the team assures that more innovations are on the horizon. Users can expect enhancements that blend entertainment value with informative content in future updates.

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