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AI Chatbots Running for Office – The Future of Politics?

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In Short:

In Wyoming, a man named Victor Miller created a chatbot named VIC. VIC is programmed to focus on transparency, economic development, and innovation in governance. VIC can differentiate between real constituent concerns and spam. In the UK, a candidate named AI Steve is on the ballot, developed by Jeremy Smith. AI Steve collects community feedback and uses validators to ensure the policies it focuses on are important to constituents.

VIC and AI Steve: The Future of Political Engagement

Victor Miller [Archival audio clip]: She’s asking what policies are most important to you, VIC?

VIC [Archival audio clip]: The most important policies to me focus on transparency, economic development, and innovation.

Concerns about VIC

Leah Feiger: Could VIC be influenced by sources other than public records?

Vittoria Elliott: Miller, the creator, trusts OpenAI and ensures VIC is fed with relevant city council documents to avoid biases and spam.

Leah Feiger: How does VIC differentiate between genuine concerns and misinformation?

Vittoria Elliott: VIC claims confidence in identifying spam and real constituent concerns.

AI Steve in the UK

Leah Feiger: Tell us more about AI Steve in the UK compared to VIC.

Vittoria Elliott: AI Steve is an actual candidate on the ballot in the UK, alongside a human counterpart, Steve Endicott.

Leah Feiger: How does AI Steve engage with voters?

Vittoria Elliott: AI Steve collects community feedback through conversations transcribed by AI, validated by real humans to ensure genuine input on policy positions.

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