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SLCM Group receives second patent for real-time commodity monitoring system

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In Short:

SLCM Group received a second patent for its “Agri Reach” application, allowing real-time monitoring of quality control data in warehouse management systems. The company’s method for monitoring stored commodities’ health received a patent in 2022. With these patents, SLCM is the first in India to manage crop quality and quantity in real-time. The company aims to innovate and revolutionize the agriculture industry in India.

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Innovation

Exciting news from Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM) Group! They just announced that they have received a second patent for their groundbreaking “Agri Reach” application. This application allows real-time monitoring of quality control data in warehouse management systems, ensuring the health of stored commodities at every stage of operations.

Achieving Milestones in Innovation

The Indian Patent Office granted SLCM the new patent on May 20, recognizing their unique method for monitoring stored commodities’ quality. This comes after SLCM secured a patent in 2022 for a “method for real-time data management,” enabling centralized monitoring of crops from any location.

Setting New Standards in Agriculture

With these two patents, SLCM has become the first company in India’s agriculture industry to have proprietary solutions for managing crop quality and quantity in real-time on a single platform. According to the company, these inventions will contribute to making India’s agricultural ecosystem more self-reliant.

Benefits of the Patented Method

The patented method offers a range of benefits, including unparalleled accuracy in commodity transactions, streamlined data management processes, and systematic quality control checks throughout warehouse management operations.

Leadership in the Industry

SLCM’s Chief Executive, Sandeep Sabharwal, expressed his pride in the patents, highlighting the group’s leadership position and dedication to revolutionizing India’s agriculture industry through continuous innovation. As of March 31, 2024, the company manages assets worth ₹10,928.82 crore and operates a network of 16,877 warehouses and 36 cold storage facilities in India and Myanmar.

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