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SI Air Springs, part of TVS Mobility group, acquires Roberto Nuti Group

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In Short:

SI Air Springs, a part of TVS Mobility, has acquired Italy’s Roberto Nuti Group, known for making suspension systems for heavy vehicles. The deal, completed in June, involves TVS Mobility buying 100% of Roberto Nuti Group through SI Air Springs Pvt Ltd. Both companies are excited about the collaboration and expect to benefit from each other’s expertise. They plan to work together for a smooth transition.

TVS Mobility’s Subsidiary Acquires Roberto Nuti Group

Well folks, here’s some exciting news for all our automotive enthusiasts out there! SI Air Springs, a subsidiary of the $3-billion group TVS Mobility, has recently acquired Italy-based Roberto Nuti Group, a leading manufacturer of suspension systems for heavy vehicles in the aftermarket. And guess what? The deal was sealed on June 28!

Bringing Expertise Together

SI Air Springs specializes in providing air spring solutions for the automotive and rail sectors, and this acquisition is a big leap forward in their global expansion strategy. According to P Srinivasavaradhan, Director of SI Air Springs, this move will enable them to combine their expertise in the Air Spring business with the renowned suspension systems knowledge of Nuti Group.

By joining forces, both companies are expected to benefit from significant synergies, which is great news for all the stakeholders involved. Luca Randighieri, General Manager of the Nuti Group, expressed his excitement about the international growth potential and the opportunities that lie ahead through this partnership.

A Smooth Transition Ahead

During the integration period, both companies will continue to operate normally, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved. This collaboration is set to open up new avenues for innovation and growth, making it a win-win situation for all parties.

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