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New craft beer brand launching in Karnataka by World of Brands

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In Short:

AlcoBev startup World of Brands (WoB) is expanding its presence in the domestic market, launching craft beer in Karnataka with a contract manufacturing unit in North Karnataka. The brand, Disco Panda, offers strong craft beers with varying alcohol content, catering to Indian consumer preferences. The company plans to launch fruit-flavored beers in Uttar Pradesh and aims to become profitable by the end of the financial year.

Expanding Horizons: World of Brands Launches Craft Beer Brand in Karnataka

Exciting news from the world of AlcoBev startup World of Brands (WoB) as they gear up to introduce their ready-to-drink craft beer brand in Karnataka this July. To support this venture, the company has partnered with a contract manufacturing unit in Mudhol, North Karnataka.

A Taste of Innovation

Founder and CEO Gurpreet Singh shared, “This is our third manufacturing plant collaboration, and we are thrilled to announce our first batch of craft beers designed specifically for the Karnataka market. Our exclusive partnership with the Mudhol plant ensures a steady supply of craft beers to our Karnataka consumers.”

One of their popular brands, Disco Panda, boasts unique flavors like Hoppy Magic with 15% alcohol content and Pilsen Punch with 12%. These craft beers have gained popularity in seven Indian markets and are now set to conquer Karnataka.

Catering to Consumer Tastes

Gurpreet highlighted the gap in the market for strong beers, with a majority of Indian consumers favoring higher alcohol content. “Our aim is to meet the demands of strong beer enthusiasts by delivering quality products that resonate with their tastes,” he explained.

The company’s success with Disco Panda fruit-flavored beers in Uttar Pradesh has encouraged further experimentation and innovation in the beer space.

Future Plans and Prospects

With plans to venture into other spirits segments and explore export opportunities, WoB aims to achieve EBITDA positivity by the second half of FY25. Following the upcoming launches in Karnataka, the company is optimistic about reaching their financial goals.

Stay tuned for more developments from World of Brands (WoB) as they continue to redefine the AlcoBev industry with their innovative offerings and strategic partnerships.

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