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Maruti Suzuki reports Q4 net profit increase of 47.8% to ₹3,877.8 cr

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In Short:

Maruti Suzuki India reported a 47.8% increase in net profit for the March quarter, reaching ₹3,877.8 crore. The car maker achieved a total sales milestone of 2 million units for the first time in 2023-24, with a net profit of ₹13,209.4 crore for the entire fiscal year. The company attributed the growth to higher sales volume, favorable commodity prices, cost reduction efforts, and non-operating income.

Maruti Suzuki India’s Profit Soars by 47.8% in March Quarter

Hey there, exciting news from Maruti Suzuki India! The company just reported a whopping 47.8% increase in net profit, reaching ₹3,877.8 crore for the March quarter. How cool is that?

Surpassing Sales Milestone

Not only that, but Maruti Suzuki also achieved a major milestone by surpassing the annual total sales of 2 million units for the first time in 2023-24. That’s some impressive growth right there!

Record-breaking Year

Throughout the entire FY24, Maruti Suzuki India reported a net profit of ₹13,209.4 crore, which is a 64% jump from the previous year. Talk about a record-breaking year!

Key Achievements

  • Maruti Suzuki remained the top exporter for the third consecutive year, contributing 41.8% of the total passenger vehicle exports from India. Way to go!
  • The company sold a total of 21,35,323 vehicles during the year, with domestic sales at 18,52,256 units and exports at 2,83,067 units. That’s a lot of wheels on the road!

Dividend Boost

And here’s the cherry on top – the Board of Directors recommended the highest-ever dividend of ₹125 per share compared to ₹90 per share in FY23. That’s some good news for the shareholders!

Continued Growth

During the fourth quarter, Maruti Suzuki sold 5,84,031 vehicles, marking a 13.4% growth from the previous year. The momentum is definitely on their side!

All in all, Maruti Suzuki India has had an incredible year with impressive sales figures, profit margins, and market dominance. Kudos to the team for their hard work and dedication!

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