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Mafatlal, Merite Exports, Sunil Industries receive DRDO ToT for anti-microbial hospital linen production

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In Short:

Mafatlal Industries, along with Merite Exports and Sunil Industries, have been awarded Transfer of Technology by DRDO to manufacture anti-microbial and anti-bed bug bedsheets for military and private use. The bedsheets are made from a mix of polyester and cotton, with chemicals to prevent infections. They are effective even after washes. The products are in high demand in the defence, railway, and hotel industry to keep personnel safe.

Mafatlal Industries Awarded Transfer of Technology for Anti-Microbial Bedsheets

Exciting news alert! Mafatlal Industries, along with Merite Exports and Sunil Industries, have been granted the Transfer of Technology (ToT) by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to manufacture anti-microbial bedsheets and anti-bed bug sheets for both military and private use.

Specialized Bed Sheets

The DRDO’s lab, Defence Research Laboratory (DERL) in Tezpur, Assam, conducted in-house R&D to develop these specialized bedsheets to meet the specific requirements of the Army and paramilitary forces. It’s impressive to see how innovation is driving forward for the safety and well-being of our armed forces!

Reports have mentioned that these types of bedsheets are already being produced and even exported from India. You might even find them available on popular online shopping platforms.

DRDO Chief’s Visit

Last Thursday, DRDO Chief Samir V Kamat visited the Defence Research Laboratory in Tezpur to hand over the licensing agreements for the Transfer of Technology to the three industries. This signifies the crucial role of DRL-DRDO Tezpur in advancing defense technologies and supporting our armed forces.

Prone to Infection

The need for anti-microbial bedsheets arises from the susceptibility of Army barracks to microbial infections due to various reasons. These bedsheets are not just for the military but also find applications in hospitals and railways. The lasting power of these bedsheets is impressive, offering a 99% reduction in microbial count even after 20 washes!

Furthermore, the issue of bed bugs in Army barracks is addressed with these specially made bed sheets. The material and chemicals used ensure a high level of effectiveness, maintaining the safety and well-being of our personnel.

Combatting Superbugs

Superbugs pose a significant threat, especially in healthcare settings, with a high infection rate among patients in intensive care units. The DRDO is taking steps in various research areas to combat these challenges, emphasizing soldier support for jungle warfare and other critical issues.

It’s amazing to see how technology and innovation are coming together to address crucial issues and protect our armed forces. Kudos to Mafatlal Industries and the other companies for stepping up to contribute to such vital initiatives!

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