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KingsCraft Online Brands launches new streetwear line in India

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In Short:

KingsCraft Online Brands Private Limited has launched ‘Underrated Club,’ a new streetwear fashion brand co-founded by Abhishek Teri and Kartik Anand. The brand aims to offer unique, authentic, and individualistic streetwear for Indian consumers. The co-founders believe in merging timeless elegance with modern urban flair, focusing on quality and attention to detail. They are confident about the brand’s potential in India’s developing economy and are excited to unveil upcoming collections.

Welcome to Underrated Club: Redefining Streetwear Fashion

KingsCraft Online Brands Private Limited has just introduced ‘Underrated Club,’ a brand new streetwear fashion label. Co-founded by the dynamic duo Abhishek Teri and Kartik Anand, Underrated Club is on a mission to shake up the e-commerce and retail scene with its range of streetwear that celebrates the spirit of individuality, uniqueness, and authenticity for Indian consumers.

A Message from Abhishek Teri, Co-founder of Underrated Club

“At URC we are redefining luxury streetwear by merging timeless elegance with modern urban flair. Our creations are a celebration of individuality, crafted with precision and a deep commitment to quality. We believe that true luxury lies in the details, and each piece we design is a testament to this philosophy. Join us on a journey where sophistication meets street style, and where every garment is a statement of refined taste and bold expression.”

Insights from Kartik Anand, Co-founder of Underrated Club

“India is home ground for us, and we are extremely bullish and confident about the prospects of our country’s developing economy. URC brings a unique take on fast fashion-forward dressing, and it will continue to evolve, keeping the youth and younger customers in mind.”

“URC is ready to unleash our initial collection and various other ranges in the coming months. We are working on bringing other elements of fashion into our portfolio of products.”

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