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INS and IAMAI challenge self-declaration certificate directive for ads in court

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In Short:

Industry bodies like INS and IAMAI are concerned about the new ad regulations. While some advertisers are following the rules, others are waiting. Lack of clarity and confidentiality concerns are major issues. Some industry players have successfully submitted self-declaration certificates, but others are facing errors. More clarity is needed, especially for digital ads. Collaboration and streamlined processes are necessary for successful implementation and compliance.

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Industry Bodies Raise Concerns over SDC Directive in Ads

Hey there, have you heard about the recent buzz in the advertising industry? Industry bodies like the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) have taken a stand and raised concerns about the Self-Declaration Certificate (SDC) directive for new ads. This directive became effective starting June 18, but it seems like not everyone is on board just yet.

Legal Actions and Uncertainties

According to sources, the INS and IAMAI have even moved the Supreme Court to address the lack of clarity in the guidelines and raised confidentiality concerns surrounding the SDC. It’s like a waiting game right now, with some advertisers already submitting their SDCs while others are holding back to see how things unfold.

Players in Action

Enter Rakesh Sharma, the President of INS, who confirmed that the industry body has taken legal action this week, getting involved in a case pending before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, several industry players are already in motion submitting their SDCs, with some hitting roadblocks while others smoothly sail through the process.

Lack of Clarity Amidst Action

Let’s hear from the industry experts – Krishna Rao from Parle Products, Naresh Gupta from Bang in the Middle, and Chaaya Baradhwaaj from BC Web Wise. They all seem to agree on one thing – more clarity is needed, especially when it comes to digital ads. The industry is navigating through uncertainties, with some clients taking the lead in submitting while others are playing the waiting game.

It’s a bumpy ride so far, but the intentions behind the directive are good. Collaboration and streamlined processes are the need of the hour to ensure smooth implementation and compliance.

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