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Gruner Renewable Energy secures ₹1,500 Cr projects for CBG plants

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In Short:

Gruner Renewable Energy has won projects worth ₹1,500 crore for Compressed Biogas plants in its first year. The projects will produce over 88,000 tonnes of biogas annually. The company aims to reduce India’s oil import expenses by ₹8 billion and create jobs. It plans to have 100 projects worth ₹5,000 crore by the end of the year, contributing to India’s renewable energy goals.

Gruner Renewable Energy Secures Major Projects Worth ₹1,500 Crore

Exciting news from Gruner Renewable Energy! The company has just announced that they have successfully won multiple projects valued at ₹1,500 crore for Compressed Biogas (CBG) plants all over India in their very first year of operation.

Major Wins

The team at Gruner is thrilled to have secured 11 projects from a top Indian business conglomerate valued at ₹1,100 crore. Additionally, they have bagged 19 other projects worth ₹400 crore from individual business leaders. These projects will involve the development of CBG plants that will collectively produce over 88,000 tonnes of compressed biogas annually for the Indian market.

Project Locations

These projects are strategically spread across various cities such as Ayodhya, Satna, Balasore, Navsari, Yavatmal, Vijayawada, and Rajahmundry, among others.

Company Growth

In order to smoothly operate these projects, Gruner plans to hire an additional 900 professionals and skilled workers, bringing their total workforce to 2,500 employees, including on-site workers. These individuals will be stationed at different locations, including the corporate office in Noida, NCR.

Future Goals

CEO of Gruner Renewable Energy, Utkarsh Gupta, shared, “With our current projects in hand, we are committed to reducing India’s expenditure on crude oil imports by ₹8 billion. We also aim to empower farmers, create job opportunities in the energy sector, and raise awareness about renewable energy. Our ultimate goal is to support India in achieving its ambition of becoming a net-zero economy by 2070 through sustainable energy solutions.”

Expansion Plans

Since starting operations in February 2023, Gruner currently manages a portfolio of 30 ongoing projects nationwide. They have set their sights on increasing their project count to 100 by the end of the current financial year, with a target order value of ₹5,000 crore.

Exciting times ahead for Gruner Renewable Energy as they continue to drive growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector while contributing to India’s sustainable development goals.

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