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AI Girlfriends Ads Flood Facebook & Instagram

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In Short:

Meta’s ad library had 3,000 ads for “AI girlfriends” and 1,100 ads for “NSFW” content on April 23. Apps like Hush and Rosytalk ran ads promising explicit chats and images with AI-generated women targeted at men. Some see AI companions as a solution to loneliness. However, some criticize Meta for allowing these ads while making it difficult for human sex workers to advertise on its platforms.

AI Girlfriend Ads on Meta Platforms

Meta’s ad library showed that as of April 23, there were 3,000 ads for “AI girlfriends” and 1,100 ads containing “NSFW” live on the platform.

Ads for Specific Apps

WIRED’s review found that Hush, an AI girlfriend app with over 100,000 downloads, had published 1,700 ads on Meta platforms. These ads featured promises of “NSFW” chats and “secret photos” from various characters.

Concerning Ads

Ads for the app Rosytalk promised chats with AI-generated women and used concerning tags like “#barelylegal” and “#teens.” Other apps also promoted similar services, including “nudifying” features.

Users’ Perspectives

Some users find AI companions helpful in combating loneliness, while others feel they provide emotional support. However, concerns have been raised about the nature of these AI girlfriend apps.

Expert Opinion

Carolina Are, an innovation fellow at the Center for Digital Citizens, points out the contrast in advertising policies for AI girlfriend apps and human sex workers. Are emphasizes the personalized interaction that sex workers provide compared to AI apps.

Transparency Issues

Limited information is available about the development and algorithms behind these AI girlfriend apps. One app, Sora, hints at a connection to OpenAI’s technology.

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