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Are Ethical Practices Essential For Entrepreneurial Excellence?

It's a question that often sparks debate and introspection in the business world: are ethical practices a crucial component of entrepreneurial success? In this...

Protesters divided on strategies to halt AI innovation

In Short:Protesters in the AI community are concerned about the potential risks advanced AI systems pose to humanity, inspired by philosopher Nick Bostrom's ideas....

OpenAI researching ethical ways to create AI-generated porn

In Short:OpenAI has released draft documentation laying out how it wants its AI technology to behave, including exploring the generation of explicit content like...

US intensifies efforts against synthetic DNA developments

In Short:The White House has issued new rules for companies that make synthetic DNA to prevent the creation of dangerous pathogens. The rules were...

Nick Bostrom: From AI Fear to Potential Fix-All?

In Short:Philosopher Nick Bostrom, known for his concerns about AI threats, is now exploring a future where superintelligent machines benefit humanity in his new...

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