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MIT News: Individuals shaping their world by seeing themselves as part of it.

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In Short:

New England Innovation Academy students noticed the difference in tree cover between suburbs and cities. They created a mobile app called TreeSavers for Day of AI, a MIT initiative that introduces AI to students. The app shows deforestation trends in Massachusetts. Day of AI teaches students to use AI creatively to solve problems responsibly, focusing on climate change. The program aims to empower students to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

A group of students from New England Innovation Academy noticed a discrepancy in tree coverage between their suburban hometown and the city. This observation led to the development of a mobile app called TreeSavers as part of the Day of AI curriculum initiated by MIT RAISE.

The app, created by Ileana Fournier, Victoria Leeth, and Jessie Magenyi, showcases deforestation trends in Massachusetts, aligning with the curriculum’s focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to address climate change.

Engaging K-12 Students with AI

The Day of AI program aims to introduce students to AI concepts while encouraging them to work on real-world challenges. Developed by the MIT RAISE team, the curriculum has reached over 10,000 educators across 114 countries, inspiring students like Jeremie Kwampo to explore the capabilities of AI through projects like ChatGPT.

Incorporating climate change education, the TreeSavers app allows users to view deforestation data, analyze trends, and predict future impacts. The app was built using MIT App Inventor, emphasizing the importance of data literacy and ethical considerations in AI development.

MIT RAISE aims to empower students to leverage AI responsibly, as highlighted by engaging projects like tracking carbon footprints and promoting environmental awareness.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

The 2024 Day of AI event emphasized collaborative problem-solving at local, national, and global levels. Speakers from MIT, the Museum of Science, and NASA underscored the importance of interdisciplinary STEM education for learners of all backgrounds.

Students from New England Innovation Academy showcased innovative solutions through their social media app connecting volunteers with charities, demonstrating the impact of AI in community engagement.

By fostering AI literacy, ethical awareness, and creative problem-solving skills, the Day of AI curriculum empowers students to address contemporary challenges and become future leaders in AI technology.

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