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WWDC 2024 Recap: All About Apple’s AI Features, New Siri, Genmoji!

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In Short:

Apple has introduced several new apps and features, including a Training Load app that tracks workout intensity and duration, a Vitals app that monitors health, a Passwords app for secure logins, and gesture controls for AirPods. Apple is also updating its streaming TV platform with accessibility features and introducing enhancements to its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, including Spatial Photos and spatial video capabilities.

Training Load App and Vitals App:

A new Training Load app has been introduced by a certain company which analyzes the intensity of your workouts, tracks your workout duration, and monitors how your effort changes over time. Additionally, there is a new Vitals app that passively monitors your health throughout the day and may even provide suggestions if it detects excessive drinking.

Passwords App:

Passwords App
The new Passwords app. (Image: Apple)

On the security front, a company is developing its own dedicated passwords app that will be available across its OS platforms. This app functions like other password managers by generating strong passwords for logins, storing credentials like logins, passwords, and verification codes, and by alerting users about potential password leaks and security breaches. It is also accessible to Windows users through the iCloud for Windows app.

Tap It to Me:

The company’s payments app now includes a feature called Tap to Cash that enables users to transfer money more conveniently. With this feature, users can initiate a mobile payment and simply hold two iPhones together to transfer money between each other. This feature aims to simplify transactions like paying back friends for expenses.

Smarter AirPods:

AirPods Pro 3rd Generation
AirPods get gesture controls. (Image: Apple)

The company’s in-ear headphones, AirPods, will receive new gesture controls that allow users to nod to answer incoming calls or shake their head to decline them. Additionally, these headphones will feature improved noise isolation and cancellation capabilities for clearer conversations in noisy environments.

Prime Time TV+:

Software updates are planned for the company’s streaming TV platform, including enhancements for better subtitles and accessibility features. A new “In Sights” banner will display information about actors, characters, and songs when a show is paused.

Face the Future:

The company’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, launched in February, is set to receive an update to its operating system, visionOS. One of the key enhancements will be in Spatial Photos, a feature that adds stereoscopic depth and movement to regular images, making them appear more lifelike.

Spatial Photos (Video: Apple)

Improvements in spatial video, hand gesture recognition, and Train Support for better usability while traveling are also expected. The Vision Pro will soon be available in more countries including China, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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