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Sorry, VR: Meta’s Ray-Ban Wayfarers Top Face Computer

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In Short:

These new workout headphones are my favorite because they are easy to wear. They have good audio quality and allow me to receive calls and texts while running without pulling out my phone. The smart glasses also have a camera for quick photos. The best feature is the voice-activated AI assistant, which answers questions and identifies things like plants and cars. This makes using AI finally feel useful and fun.

Meta’s Smart Glasses: A Convenient Workout Companion

Currently, Meta’s smart glasses have become my go-to workout headphones due to their convenience. With these glasses, I no longer have to deal with the hassle of juggling multiple accessories when I step out. The quality of the audio produced by the tiny speakers positioned over the ears is surprisingly impressive. They deliver clear and loud sound even during outdoor runs in urban areas.

The ability to make and receive calls, as well as listen to texts while running without needing to take out my phone, is incredibly convenient. While some may prefer to zone out during their workouts, I prioritize staying connected with my family, which makes this feature invaluable. The prospect of being able to make video calls while on the move is intriguing, although it may not be a reality for me due to my family’s preferences.

Quick Shot

Unlike many other smart glasses I’ve tested, interacting with Meta’s glasses is remarkably easy. The controls are intuitive, making actions like taking a picture or adjusting audio effortless. The camera functionality is also noteworthy, allowing me to quickly capture moments without having to reach for my phone. The convenience of discreetly recording using the glasses has been a game-changer, although it has elicited some concerns from my husband.

Intelligence Quotient

The standout feature of Meta’s smart glasses is the integration of a voice-activated AI assistant. This addition has made AI technology more practical and accessible to me, enhancing my overall experience with the glasses.

While AI gadgets and chatbots have left me uncertain about their utility in the past, the inclusion of Meta’s voice-activated AI assistant has transformed my perspective. The glasses have sparked my curiosity, prompting me to seek answers to various questions and tasks that previously seemed mundane.

From identifying objects to providing useful insights, the AI assistant has proven to be a valuable asset. The glasses have opened up a world of possibilities, making everyday interactions more engaging and informative.

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