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My Experience with AI-Based Productivity Tools: What I Learned

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In Short:

The writer used an image created with Midjourney for a blog post but found it low quality and frustrating to edit. ChatGPT is a controversial but widely used tool among writers for research and brainstorming. Otter.ai is glitchy and invasive in meetings, prompting the writer to look for better automated tools. Despite the FOMO over AI tools, the writer values authenticity and personal voice over poreless edits.

AI Tools in the Content Creation Process

Recently, I utilized Midjourney to create an image for a blog post. While the process was enjoyable, the resulting image was of low quality and contained random elements that seemed out of place. Midjourney typically generates four square images as output, which initially led to my frustration as I couldn’t make small adjustments to suit my needs for the blog post. However, I later discovered that adding image dimensions to the prompt can result in nonsquare images. Additionally, I learned that Midjourney released a new feature called Inpainting in August 2023, allowing users to select and edit specific parts of the image separately.

Subscription to ChatGPT+

Despite some initial struggles with AI tools, I have found the subscription to ChatGPT+ worth the $20 monthly fee. ChatGPT has surpassed 100 million active users and has significantly impacted the AI landscape. While some writers criticize ChatGPT for not being suitable for truly creative work, I have found it to be a valuable resource for summarizing information, finding synonyms, and generating ideas for titles and headings. It has streamlined my research process and aided in formatting and citation tasks.

Automated Transcription with Otter.ai

As a ghostwriter, I frequently conduct interviews with authors and have started using Otter.ai to transcribe these conversations. Although the transcripts are generally accurate, I have encountered glitches and issues with the platform, such as the app joining meetings without invitation and emailing transcripts to meeting participants. Despite these challenges, I continue to explore automated transcription tools to enhance my workflow.

Reflections on AI Tools

Throughout my experience with various AI tools, I have realized the importance of maintaining authenticity and trusting my own voice in the content creation process. While AI tools offer convenience and efficiency, it is essential to prioritize personal expression and individual style. Each tool I have used has its strengths and limitations, leading to a diverse range of outcomes in my creative endeavors.

Ranking of AI Tools Used

  • Most ridiculous: Aragon.AI for headshots
  • Most expensive: AdCreativeAI for ads and social posts
  • Most value: Canva for designing
  • Most work to get good outputs: Midjourney
  • Most glitchy and frustrating: Otter.ai
  • Most consistent use: ChatGPT

After reflecting on my experiences with AI tools, I have come to appreciate the blending of technology with human creativity. While AI tools offer efficiency and novelty, they cannot replace the unique perspective and voice of an individual creator. As I continue to explore the latest advancements in AI technology, I remain committed to preserving authenticity and personal style in my work.

As a final note, I reconnected with a friend who excels at capturing my best angles and expressions and discovered that she offers photography services. This interaction served as a reminder of the value of human connection and personalized experiences in the creative process.

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